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Gold rush
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Gold rush treasure hunt has a simple game, your task is to connect at least 3 diamonds of the same color to make them disappear from the screen. Difficulty increases with the level of the so players will not feel bored because it is too easy. You can put 4 or more diamonds to form power packs.

Welcome to the most engaging game today with the game Gold rush treasure hunt

A colorful game very attractive, attractive but simple and easy to play. Now, the latest version of the diamond puzzle is born with significant improvements will make this treasure hunt games even more attractive. You will see a whole new interface, which is slightly more care. The image of the diamond is more beautiful and lively. The diamonds will have more special functions, making game gold rush it easy to score and pass the next screen. In addition to the two familiar modes, there will be two new modes, Puzzle and Endless. Puzzle mode is a challenge for the game itself. Endless is a relaxed play, helping you collect diamonds “endlessly”.

Try to put the game gold rush four diamonds to create the Flame Gem, which is extremely powerful, eating all the diamonds around it. Eat the diamonds of the corresponding row and column to create the Star Gem. If you stack diamonds of the same free game gold rush color with 2 rows of an intersection, the score will increase rapidly. Great when you stack up five diamonds in a row to create Hypercube, eating all the diamonds of the same color on the table. At this time will be accompanied by visual effects, with extremely vivid sound.

Highlights in the game Gold rush treasure hunt:

  • There are 2 types of play attractive.
  • Supports both phones and tablets.
  • The picture is gold rush free online gorgeous, the sound is extremely lively.
  • The items in the game are very impressive.
  • There are online charts.

How to play Gold rush treasure hunt:

  • See if the diamonds have the same color.
  • Then select the same color.
  • At least three members of the same color.
  • Make straight lines.
  • Extensive play variety.

Here are some photos of a Gold rush treasure hunt:

Gold rush

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Gold rush

Gold rush

Gold rush treasure hunt It gives you a very enjoyable experience especially to relax at leisure to entertain your mood. Promising new things in the game. Have fun playing the game!

Gold rush
5 (100%) 1 vote

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