Top of funny games website the to play

Top of funny games website the to play
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Funny games website this is an Android-based game where you demonstrate intelligence and use your entire intellectual development knowledge to make the most of your abilities.

Top of funny games website the to play

1. Club Penguin

Club Penguin is an online gaming website developed by Walt Disney. In the Club Penguin world, each player is a penguin who can move around the town, interact with other players, participate in mini games available in the game. This is a fun web site with 2D graphics featuring colorful graphics and fun virtual worlds that are great for kids. With the task of creating a fun world for children, Club Penguin is set in the snow-covered world of fun and playful penguins. Without Level and no special item, the purpose of the funny games website is simply to create a powerful online community for all players.Players will start entering the world of Club Penguin by creating a penguin avatar, then a hilarious space is opened.

Sailor Pop is an addictive game which receives much love from players over the world

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Funny games website show the spirit of team dynamics

Club Penguin will guide players how to control the penguin base such as how to move, how to speak, how to express. Players will continue to discover the fun of the penguin world is not always cold and lack of laughter. There are 12 places to meet, exchange and play: The Dock, Town, Snow Forts, The Plaza, Forest, Stadium, Ski Village, The Beach, Mine, Cove, Ski Hill, Dojo Courtyard and dozens of places. other secret. After creating the character, the player can freely explore new things, talk to other people or participate in the mini funny games websites. Players can pay to become a full member and enjoy more benefits. As an official member, you can buy more clothes, belongings, own up to 14 pets, buy pet decorations.

2.Chicken Invaders 3

In Chicken Invaders 3: Revenge of the Yolk Easter Edition, chickens are invading the Earth, revenge for their fellow humans. They are out of the earth and everywhere. Then things got worse. Chickens in the middle of the galaxy are attacking our planet. You will play a pilot in the air to fight the evil monsters. I still remember the day when the evil monsters invaded. Memories burned in me, like spicy chicken wings. They came without a warning, screaming threateningly.

Awesome Tanks 2 is an addictive kinda funny games website which receives much love from players over the world. Now, you can completely play this addicting fun game on your mobile

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Funny games website destroy the cruel chickens

Immediately I knew what to do. I dropped my chicken burger and got into the cockpit. With my finger still licked, I set the mode for the laser guns of the spacecraft to “extra crispy” mode and launch into space to stop the invading chickens. Actually this task is not easy. The screams, chicken feathers flying, the smell of burning fire everywhere. Three times they invaded Earth, each time a more sinister plan. And all three times I counterattacked their invasions and forced them to retreat where they left and secure human dominance on Earth for a few more years. After my last retreat, I drove to my safe Space Burger to enjoy the funny games website glorious victory. Sighing relieved, I sat down and rewarded myself with a chicken burger with crispy fried chicken wings.


  • Can play 4 people.
  • Journey to twelve star systems (that’s a trip through galaxies)
  • 120 chicken invasions.
  • Discover 6 great weapons plus a secret.
  • Upgrade weapons through 11 power levels and 12 supercharged.
  • Collect 30 unique bonus types.
  • There are 13 titles.
  • Unlock 7 special features.
  • Online transcripts
  • Support multiple players on the funny games website computer, over LAN, or the Internet.
  • 15 minutes of music prelude.

3. Grow Away

It’s a fun and exciting Android game from Chillingo’s Grow Away. Although not a new game debut, but can not deny the hot of this play. The game is quite interesting story about the war to protect the garden of vegetable warriors. The hated monsters ate so many things, yet they still hungrily called and seemed to want to eat all the vegetables in the garden. Create a hero squad of valiant brave warriors who join the battle and try to prevent the monsters from making their conspiracy. Grow Away is a unique action funny games the website featuring fast and intense funny games website. The player must repel the predators by using the catapult to shoot fruit towards the enemy and destroy them.

funny games website

Funny games website fight to defend the territory

In the game, the player controls 9 different vegetable warriors to destroy 15 fierce monsters. Each species possesses its own powers. You will have to pass 60 levels of play with 4 different worlds, use your top shooting ability to shoot the warriors to kill the enemies, and use the million to pack the power to become stronger. Be stronger and deal with more enemies at the same time. Armed yourself with a powerful touch pad, you will have to keep your defenses against the monsters that damage your vegetable kingdom. Load the different vegetables into the launcher and use them to shoot at the enemies before they funny games website cross the fence and break your garden.

4. ZombieDiary

ZombieDiary is called “Zombie Log” and is developed in the genre of zombie shooter action games. But at a slight level, even funny. This zombie diary will vividly re-enact the history of a mysterious and utopian world where there is a legendary hero and is being explored through generations of human beings. The ZombieDiary game scene takes place in 2013, when monsters appear everywhere. They are half-human-half-zombies and are plotting to take our planet, making the peaceful world we live in a hell of a world. As the funny games website only surviving citizen on earth, the player will play the legendary hero with the task of destroying the zombies that are pounding towards him. At this point, the entire mission of mankind weighs on your shoulders.

funny games website

Funny games website destroy the demons to protect everyone

In terms of graphics and sound, ZombieDiary is not very good at both, but in acceptable form. Every time you hit a zombie, there will be bloody scenes and falling limbs and zombies head out of the body until they collapse. It sounds scary, but the graphic style. ZombieDiary’s animated graphics makes this part of the image smoother and more prone to humor. Players do not feel scared but rather enjoy the zombie shooter than this. This is also the reason ZombieDiary is suitable for female players who do not like the bloody game genre!

In the funny games website there are beautiful graphics of the net graphics game makers make. The gamers enjoy the event in the game many attractive gifts.




Top of funny games website the to play
5 (100%) 3 votes

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