Top funny games to play in the car with friends

Top funny games to play in the car with friends
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Funny games to play in the car the game has a spirit of entertainment and brains that try to connect effectively and make us comfortable after the game.

Top funny games to play in the car with friends

1. Swinging Stupendo

Swinging Stupendo for Android is a fun, funny, challenging and addictive fun games to play in the car. Download Swinging Stupendo now to see if you are a high-wire player. Winging Stupendo revolves around the story of Stupendo, an acrobatic actor who takes stunt roles for spectacular, dangerous scenes that require technique and ingenuity to move. After a series of films and television appearances, Stupendo decided to hold his own circus concert to showcase his climbing skills and natural talent in front of the fans. Will, he be able to do this and will the show be a success? It all depends on you. In terms of intelligence, Swinging Stupendo does not emphasize challenges that require players to “brainstorm” continuously as in Swing. In contrast, the funny games to play in the car is more about entertainment with fun characters, explosive effects, characters falling to the ground or screaming are quite fun. T

funny games to play in the car

Funny game to play in the car entertain whenever you want


  • The fun games to play in a car swings with a humorous circus scene.
  • The one-touch play is addictive.
  • Swing the ropes through various positions and avoid collisions with high voltage.
  • Score very well and become the leader of the chart.
  • Share achievements on social networks like Twitter or Facebook.


If you feel the fruits in the fruit cut game has become blindfolded then come to SushiChop to make friends with the fish, use the sharp knife, cut the fish the way you want to funny games to play in the car make sushi discs. Delicious eyes and earn huge bonuses thanks to the perfect cut Perfect Chop.

Welcome all of you to a lovely game tonight, receive a lot of emotions from players – Knight of the Day game.

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funny games to play in the car

Funny game to play in the car develop the whole brain


  • 2 game modes, earning the most money with 3 lives in SushiChop mode, then solve the SushiMaster mode, where you are assigned the task of just cutting the fishes that match the requirements.
  • The Unlockable Kids mode is bigger, easier to cut, more time between fish appear and no rotten fish damage your sushi disc.
  • Great graphics for desktop and tablet PCs with high-resolution displays
  • Many powerful items and great upgrades to maximize your score
  • 7 unique and powerful blades to choose from, including Jade Blade and Bamboo Blade
  • Play free fun games to do in a car, eliminate ads by buying any coin pack

How to play SushiChop is simple, after installation, you only need to select one of the two funny games to play in the car modes, start with a free knife, use the mouse to cut the fish through the fish and complete the sushi table. colorful. The less meat the fish will make a slice of fish, meat more fish to create more slices and will help complete the table faster. The concept of SushiChop is quite interesting, the graphics and effects are built quite nicely to give players a sense of fun.

3.DOFUS Pogo

Referring to the Chicken Invaders is a reference to a series of games that have become legendary in the hearts of 8x gamers. This is a chicken shooter fun games to play in the car adults with extremely fun, funny, simple touching a missile at the bottom of the screen to release the wave of bullets to destroy the evil cock flying conspiracy Earth. Currently, has a collection of famous chicken shooter games for all platforms (including mobile and computer), so interested readers can visit here to download. experience.

In this article, we will introduce you to a new fun games to play in the car for adults called DOFUS POGO with gameplay quite similar to the Chicken Invaders but has been improved with eye-catching interface and more interesting features. Join the funny games to play in the car, you will receive the task of controlling the army of chickens to destroy the enemy is the monster monster evil with the mind to occupy the egg god Ebony Dofus. Basically, DOFUS Pogo is inspired by the famous Dofus cartoon and the style of adventure game genre.

If you are free and do not know what to do to relax, you are in the right place with 10×10 games.

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funny games to play in the car

Funny game to play in the car set up your own strategy


  • Become a bomb specialist to destroy monsters and protect the egg.
  • Facing dangerous monsters from the world of DOFUS with 3 different levels.
  • Use combos to kill enemies faster, gain more points, and strive to take the lead on the world rankings.
  • Unlock the power of Ebony Dofus and many exciting prizes.
  • Explore interesting images of the movie as you advance to higher levels.
  • Fun games to play on car rides is free.

4.Slot Carnival

 If you love casino funny games to play in the car but do not want to fall into the trappings outside but for entertainment purposes, Slot Carnival will be the right choice for you. Coming from the FT fun games to play in the car with friends application, Hong Kong, Slot Carnival brings players a world of fun mini-casino, where there are only spin and endless fun.
Coming to the Slot Carnival on Android, players will have the opportunity to explore a world of magic rides. In this playground, players will come up with lucky spins to collect high scores and special items in each room.
funny games to play in the car

Funny game to play in the car vivid live sound graphics

  • Discover a wonderful carnival world.
  • Each unique round has its own rules and play style.
  • Join the fun mini-games in the rounds.
  • Sign in and receive daily rewards in the fun games you can play in the car. The higher you play, the more connected you are, the bigger the prize.
  • Every 2 hours, you get free rewards.
  • Sign in to Facebook to get more rewards.
  • Compete with your Facebook friends on interesting tasks.
  • Get the chance to get help in the virtual lottery in the game.
  • Numerous unexpected and unique rewards await you.
  • Many special prizes, free spins and other prizes.
  • Many new rounds for you to experience.

The funny games to play in the car is interesting cartoons that make you feel comfortable playing the game. Reduce distraction and start a new job, feeling more excited. Enjoy the game!


Top funny games to play in the car with friends
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