Top funny games download for pc android to play

Top funny games download for pc android to play
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Funny games download with the game criterion played every day or every day, this kind of fun game is born to make the player more accessible to the simple game so that the player is not confused in the genre. Action or other tactics.

Top funny games download for pc android to play

1.The Walking Zombie

Walking Dead Zombie: Dead City for iOS is in the near future, where a pandemic turns everyone into a deadly zombie. And you are one of the last survivors. To survive, you must get up and face the awful challenge ahead. In this zombie-themed shooter, you fight alone the dead in the dead city. The game offers you 10 different types of weapons for use in combat. Do not stop shooting until the corpse really. You will receive the appropriate reward for your courage. In this fun free download funny games download for pc, you’ll unlock new weapons and upgrade existing weapons to combat many types of zombies, such as zombies, dogs, and even great bosses. : Dead City for iOS and experience the ultimate experience of pixelated photography. This is a zombie game where your skill plays a very important role.

Welcome all of you to a lovely game which gets much love from players – game Mango Mania. With no doubt, just click the button “play now” to enjoy the funny games download for android, then you will have a great time with nice experience

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Funny games download destroy the zombies for victory


  • Unique 3D pixel style.
  • Visual controls make the experience of killing zombies even more enjoyable.
  • More than 20 different types of zombies.
  • Arena Mode – Kill as many zombies as possible using only your melee weapons.
  • Using 10 different weapons ranging from pistols, rifles to destructible weapons such as rocket launchers, you no longer need to threaten the undead.
  • Several cards with different funny games download pc theme images and enemies.
  • Headshot attacks will instantly kill zombies.
  • A caliber shooter with good health, a high head rate, and attractive rewards.

2.Tiny Defense

The green planet is a beautiful house of little creatures called the Minirobot. Enjoying a peaceful and happy life, their planet is invaded by an army of robots called Machine. These machines are trying to make sure that these fun funny games no download do not load the green planet into a space station and they have captured many Minirobots. Mini robot creatures will not support this scene to continue, the funny games no download decides to fight against the enemy to defend their homeland. In Tiny Defense for iOS, you funny games download must use your intelligence and tactics to overcome all obstacles and save the green planet. Collect crystalline energy to build a powerful army of robots and fight to save your fellow being captured.

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Funny games download together protect the world


  • Conquer 150 spectacular levels.
  • 3 chapters with separate gameplay.
  • Choose from 40 cute robots.
  • Faced with 32 types of brutal enemies.
  • Five different areas (meadows, desert, submarines, ice and iron fortress).
  • 30 fun action mini-free online funny games no download.
  • Several upgrades, unlocking objects, and funny games download achievements.

3.Shooty Skies

Shooty Skies is a fun but exciting Mighty Games game featuring Hipster Whale, the father of the blockbuster Crossy Road. In 2015, Mighty Games released the mobile version of Shooty Skies and today we have the opportunity to play free Shooty Skies on PC. The funny games download for android play of Shooty is basically the same as that of the series Chicken Invaders. In the game, your mission is to shoot, avoid enemy bullets and control the vast sky. Alongside familiar enemies like ducks, geese, horses … we have to face the boss at the bottom of the table – this is no small challenge in this fun game!

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Funny games download live sound very nice graphics

Shooty Skies games are developed in an action shooter style. You will need to destroy every target that appears on the screen, including TVs, bots, or broken machines. Get ideas from the traditional action game series, in the game Shooty Skies, your game can play one of the 33 characters are gradually unlocked depending on the progress of the funny games download movie. Note that each character has its own strengths and weaknesses and you need time to make the most of it!


  • Collect more than 200 pilots on more than 20 different courses.
  • Choose the level of difficulty to challenge yourself.
  • Complete achievements to unlock the reward.
  • Get daily tasks.
  • Use a variety of weapons such as rifles, rockets

4.Endless Run Magic Diamonds

Play the role of the runner and run non-stop in the Endless Run Magic Diamonds action funny games download for mobile for free. You can play Endless Run Magic Diamonds on Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 computers for hours of fun, but just as spectacular. Endless Magic Diamond Run is developed in the familiar Endless Run style, as in Temple Endless Run or Subway Surf Runner. The plot in Endless Run Magic Diamonds begins when the warriors return in the endless race. Players will play El Chapo to see how far you will go before being summoned by the police? This escape journey requires you to survive for as long as possible and overcome many obstacles, trapped by the funny games download police. Then, the faster the character is, the more the player concentrates and quickly manipulates the skill to not stop the game too soon.Fruita Swipe 2 is an addictive game which receives much love from players over the world

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Funny games download overcoming challenges to get to the finish line


  • The game has graphics and 3D sounds.
  • Upgrading characters and auxiliary uses of the route.
  • Play unlimited, you stop the game when the police grabbed the neck.
  • Catchy animation.
  • Use the Up, Down, Left and Right arrows to control the movie.
  • Visit the funny cat games free download shop to buy upgrades for your skills and personalization of your character.
  • Facing enemies and obstacles, traps on the run.

A fun and addictive playground for all ages. You can play the funny games download with other family members to share the joy. The game features high-end cartoon graphics, a variety of cute characters, a scary one-touch control, and an exciting action game.

Top funny games download for pc android to play
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