Top 3 Funniest Games of all Time – GameSpew

Top 3 Funniest Games of all Time – GameSpew
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We love games. We love to laugh. So what could be better than playing a funny games that makes us laugh? We’ve compiled a list of 3 of the funniest games we’ve ever played, so hold onto your sides to keep them from splitting!

1. Borderlands 2

Borderlands was a surprise hit for Gearbox when it was released in 2009, combining RPG elements with an open-world first person shooter and adding a shedload of humour. For the sequel, Gearbox took the template of original and improved it immeasurably.

Stranded on Pandora, a hostile planet full of crazed bandits and dangerous creatures, players must race to find The Vault, an ancient structure believed to hold exotic technology and a wealth of riches. Unfortunately the charismatic yet immoral Handsome Jack is hell-bent on finding it before you and will do anything in his power to take you down.

With its witty dialog and colourful characters, Gearbox’s Borderlands 2 is a game that provides laughs aplenty.

2. Bulletstorm

One of our favourite games of the last generation, Bulletstorm, is an inventive first person shooter made all the better by its potty-mouthed characters and the gratifying skillshot system.


Awarding points for skilful and comical kills, the skillshots elicited many giggles with their amusing names and enemy animations. Greater rewards were offered for creative kills, so you’d often ponder whether to shoot a mutant in his magical bits before kicking him into a cactus, or simply slide into him, knocking him off his feet before sending him flying in the air with a firework.

With its crude humour and profanity filled script, Bulletstorm had some critics, but for those that are not easily offended we can’t recommend this title enough.

3. Grim Fandango

Grim Fandango was lost in the ether for the last 10 years; a cult classic PC game tied up in ownership disputes. Luckily for us, it’s just been re-released and remastered on PC and PS4/Vita.


You play as Manny Calavera, a wise-cracking skeleton who is stuck in the underworld as a grim reaper helping the recently departed pass safely to their afterlife. Unfortunately, something is afoot in the Department of the Dead, and Manny gets caught up in his company’s plot to steal their clients’ rightful tickets on the Number Nine express (the most luxurious afterlife package available).

Grim Fandango is a comedy delight; the writing is quick-witted and the dialogue is so well-acted it’ll keep you chuckling from start to finish. Along with Manny, who’ll quickly become your favourite skeleton, there’s a whole host of funky characters to meet along the way.

Top 3 Funniest Games of all Time – GameSpew
5 (100%) 1 vote

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