Top funny games pc free download to play

Top funny games pc free download to play
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Funny games pc in the game are the spirit of entertainment and brain thinking out to connect effectively and make us comfortable after playing the game.

Top funny games pc free download to play

1.Peggle Nights

If you have ever experienced the game Dynomite, Zuma Deluxe, Heavy Weapon Deluxe or Bejeweled funny games for pc …. then surely you will no stranger to the game company PopCap – a game developer is considered as “the king” of casual games. And this time, Peggle Nights continues to be a very attractive product. Peggle Nights is a very interesting puzzle game, with a high level of entertainment, suitable for all ages. Players like this game can exercise judgment, situational awareness, and problem-solving. Because it is based on the Peggle Deluxe, a best funny games pc where gamers have to “wake up” to conquer. So basically Peggle Nights is quite similar to his brother. The player’s task in Peggle Nights is that in each level, the player must destroy every yellow peg by shooting them with a ball from a point at the top of the screen.

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Funny games pc Sharp, true-to-life sound

Peggle Nights also includes four main funny games on pc, Adventure, Duel, Quick Play and Challenge. In the Adventure section, you will have all 11 characters and a random selection, including Unicorn, is the horned horse has been opened before. Win five screens of one character to unlock the remaining characters and receive the titles for the achievements. The main interface of the game is a beautiful wallpaper and is constantly changing according to the level of play, blurry, colorful again; These are round pegs with four main colors: blue, green, red and pink. At the bottom of the screen is an item called a bucket. Blue pegs will have fewer points, green to produce certain effects for marbles such as clusters, post-ball (when targeting a ball will show its path after a collision with a Peg), Peg pink to increase a large number of points.

2.Bend and Ed

In the funny multiplayer games pc free Ben and Ed, you will play the role of Ed the Zombie – a genuine zombie but pretty gentle. Ed is forced to play a silly funny free games on pc called Rundead. You will have to control Ed over the obstacle course that Hans Showmaster created to rescue his best friend – Ben. Game Ben and Ed is a fun action game, relatively easy to play but hard to win. The game requires agility and high concentration of players if you do not want to lose your funny games pc life at any time. The story revolves around three characters Ed, Ben and Hans Showmaster with humor. Although zombies appear, Ben and Ed do not bring horror elements but extremely gentle, humorous, suitable for all players.

funny games pc

Funny games pc destroy the evil demons to win


  • You may lose your leg, lose your hand during the obstacle course but it’s okay because you are a zombie!
  • Survive through deadly traps, otherwise, you will have to die before saving Ben.
  • Try to complete the task to save Ben because he really needs you.
  • Destroy the deadly machines.
  • Throw your head to unlock the hidden place then “reunite” with the head.
  • Jump, crawl dodge funny games pc free download to complete the goal.
  • Conquer 23 colorful but dangerous obstacles like blades, hammers, lasers, acid, dog food or chicken huts.
  • Unlock new challenges ahead.
  • Dealing with annoying chickens.

3.Shooty Skies

Shooty Skies is a fun, but equally exciting, exciting shooter funny games to play on pc of Mighty Games featuring Hipster Whale – the father of blockbuster Crossy Road. By 2015, Mighty Games releases the mobile version of Shooty Skies, and today, we have the opportunity to play Shooty Skies for free on PC. The gameplay of Shooty funny games pc Skies is basically the same as the Chicken Invaders series. In the game, your task is to shoot guns, dodge bullets from the enemy and master the vast sky. Beside familiar enemies such as ducks, geese, horses … we have to face the boss at the end of the table – not a small challenge in this fun game!

Shooty Skies’s gameplay is developed in an action-packed shooting style. You will have to destroy every target that appears on the screen, including broken TVs, robots or machines. Get ideas from the traditional action game series, in the funny co op games pc Shooty Skies, you funny games pc can play one of the 33 characters are unlocked gradually according to the progress of the game. Note that each character will have its own strengths and weaknesses and you need time to get the most out of them!

funny games pc

Funny games pc Kill enemies quickly


  • Collect more than 200 pilots in over 20 different terrains.
  • Choose the level of difficulty to challenge yourself.
  • Complete the achievement to unlock the reward.
  • Take on daily tasks.
  • Utilize a variety of weapons such as guns, missiles

4.Endless Run Magic Diamonds

Play as a runner and run nonstop in the action-adventure funny games pc download Endless Run Magic Diamonds for free. You can play Endless Run Magic Diamonds on Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 computers for hours of fun, but no less dramatic and dramatic hours. Endless Run Magic Diamonds are developed in the familiar Endless Run style as in Temple Endless Run or Subway Surf Runner. The storyline in Endless Run Magic Diamonds begins when the warriors return to the endless run. Players will play El Chapo to see how far you will run before being summoned by the police? This journey of escape, you need to survive as long as possible and overcome many obstacles, trapped by the police. Later, the speed of the character as fast, forcing players to focus and manipulate dexterity so as not to stop the game too soon.

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Funny games pc Pick up the precious diamonds back to the safe destination


  • The funny pc games to play with friends possesses 3D graphics and sound.
  • Upgrade the character and use the auxiliary on the journey.
  • Unlimited gameplay, you just have to stop the game when the police grabbed the neck.
  • Eye-catching animation.
  • Use the Up, Down, Left, Right arrows to control the movie.
  • Visit the funny rpg games for pc store to purchase upgrades for skill sets and character customization.
  • Facing enemies and obstacles, traps on the run.

In the game are fun animated funny games pc that make you feel good when playing games. Giarm sua tan tired and start on his next job feel more excited. Have fun playing the game!



Top funny games pc free download to play
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