Funny games: Epic Battle Fantasy 4 reviews

Funny games: Epic Battle Fantasy 4 reviews
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Instructions Epic Battle Fantasy 4:

Everything is controlled with the mouse, but you can also move around with the keyboard.

You can change the controls, quality, sounds and other stuff in the options menu.

Protip: Deleting cookies can delete your saves, so don’t do that. Chrome’s especially great at deleting your saves.

Updated to version 1.0.7! The only difference is that I’ve changed the compression method to something older. This means the game is slightly bigger, but it might fix some compatibility problems. Most people probably won’t notice a difference though. If you do, tell me plz.

Epic Battle Fantasy 4

Epic Battle Fantasy 4 reviews:

hamrage14: Let’s be honest here. Some Kong devs are heroes among the Browser game community. But Matt…you sir, are a Legend. You (along with a few others; Pseudolonewolf comes to mind, and so do several more) have made a true masterpiece in the RPG genre. I tip my hat to you and give you my utmost congratulations. You have more than paid your bill for life, and from the looks of it you plan to do even more. Here’s to another good game and another 9 long years of brilliant, amazing and hilarious games.

Freezie43110: I just want to point out that we’re almost up to five straight years of EBF4 sitting on the front page of Kongregate. That is quite the testament, Matt. I’m proud to have seen you come this far.

insaninater: It’s great games like this that make me wish kong had an account save feature, so you coud access your save game on different computers like armor games does.

dlee43055: For some reason after about 24 hours after buying the premium package, it no longer works and won’t let me buy/obtain it again. What am I doing wrong?

Funny games: Epic Battle Fantasy 4 reviews
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