Top funny games computer that are free to play

Top funny games computer that are free to play
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Funny games computer is the first choice of young people in terms of entertainment and video game spirit. Attracting a lot of audience involved in the game now.

Top funny games computer that are free to play

1.Super Jabber Jump

Super Jabber Jump is a classic platform fun games on a computer that combines jumping and running genres. Super Jabber Jump brings old colors like old Mario games and brings new elements. A challenging adventure that brings you up to your childhood. The story of the game is about Jabber guy and adventure to find his gold. The monsters rob Jabber’s gold. To regain the stolen gold, Jabber began a funny games computer challenging adventure.

As Jabber, your task is to run and jump fast to defeat the monsters, collect as many coins, gold coins and accelerated props in the game. There are more than 100 levels of difficulty in the game. Each level players will experience a new terrain with new challenges, unforeseen obstacles. Complete the excellent level of play to get about 3 stars for each level.

funny games computer

Funny games computer show the subtle elegance of your hands

Super Jabber Jump gives players the feeling of being breathed fresh air by space and graphics in the fun games for computer is designed to cool eyes with the main color is the green grass, hills. A 2D playground in which players control the main character moves from left to right to complete the level of play. Are you confident with the challenges in this game? Do not stress, have fun and have fun with Super Jabber Jump on Android.


  • More than 100 challenging levels and new levels are coming
  • Great graphics run faster
  • Various types of monsters possess different skills, jumping to attack them
  • Numerous accelerated props and rewards help players during the funny games computer adventure
  • Collect lots of gold coins.

2.Zombie Diary

Zombie Diary took the idea from a small village in a state in America. By 2013, this land was suddenly a Zombie flood of unknown origin. The presence of this strange creature scared all the villagers and to build up the force they had released a terrible virus. This kind of destructive virus has made people in the village, from children to old people suddenly turned into a monstrous monster. Gradually, they wandered around and soon the whole world was destroyed by the forces of Zombie. The world is ruined, people are miserable because they become killers, the Earth is not as green as before. In this fun games in computer, you will become the only lucky person immune to the virus and take on the task of saving the world. Like the character Rick Grimes in the funny games computer popular drama.

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funny games computer

Funny games computer destroy monsters and win

Zombie Diary is like a little diary about your journey to save the Earth. Each day there will be separate tasks and the task of the player is to kill the number of Zombies on demand. Thanks to this smart feature, even people who are too busy with their studies and work experience can experience it without fear of losing too much time during the day.

Features of the fun computer games no download Zombie Diary:

  • The arsenal of 24 guns is designed to be modern.
    5 different tasks in each area.
  • Opportunity to upgrade 5 types of combat skills.
  • Assists 4 location maps to determine the location of the enemy.
  • Attractive prizes: Kill the first Zombie series to earn 500 cents
  • Many types of zombies with the ability to funny games computer kill barbarians.
  • Opportunity to earn money in the Training room after five days of fighting
  • Get more rewards based on the number of Zombies killed when passing each level.
  • Become an Arms Dealer and own a huge arsenal if you conquer all the levels.

3.Blocky Roads

A point worth mentioning in this funny games on computer is the simplicity and fun the player can feel when experiencing.

You can control your car by reducing or increasing speed. Players need to cross the hills and gully even ramp up the walls and obstacles to continue the journey. At the same time, you need to collect coins and materials to use. The player only completes one level when he or she finishes the path. In the worse case, their car could run out of gasoline in the middle of the road and could not reach the finish line. However, in Blocky Roads for Android, players not only live on the track, but also have their own farm to take care of. This is where the funny games computer spoils you gain from the races.

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funny games computer

Funny games computer express yourself as a person who has a passion for speed

In addition to the graphic style with retro shapes, another feature that adds to the appeal of Blocky Roads for Android is the fun music in the fun games on computer. You will feel like a freelance person from all walks of life, from countryside to hills, from warm plains to snow-covered mountainsides. Not only that, in this fun computer games that are free, players are also instructed to see the remaining gas as well as when to brake the car. In addition to that, a lot of players are attracted to the race with the ghost car. You have to do everything to catch up with the program’s available ghost.


In the Hedge Wars fun computer games for free, the player directs a porcupine army and uses all the tools and weapons available to defeat the hedgehog. Battles will take place from the ground up to outer space. As the commander, your mission will be to arrange the funny games computer squad’s most logical way to fight the enemy.

funny games computer

Funny games computer fight the evil forces in space

New feature of Hedgewars fun computer games to play:

  • It allows 8 players to turn.
  • Battles on countless maps are randomly generated with over 31 environments or players can choose from 48 available maps.
  • Defeat your enemies with 55 simple weapons such as grenades, Melon Bombs or Piano Strikes.
  • Customize your army with over 280 costumes, 32 tombstones, 13 fortresses, 100 flags and unique voice packs.
  • Join battles with over 48 enemies.
  • There are many mini fun games on computer free in single player mode and multiplayer.
  • Fixed bugs in previous versions.
  • Graphic eye-catching, colorful.
  • Unique fun computer games for mac play.

With the top priority is gaming will be fun funny games computer and relax your people. Dissolve tired in person, help spirit more comfortable after work. Wish you happy gaming!

Top funny games computer that are free to play
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