Top funny games apps download android to play

Top funny games apps download android to play
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Funny games apps is an adventure game that helps the spirit of comfort after work and study fatigue helps us brainstorm more than help us feel good as at work.

Top funny games apps download android to play

1.Plants vs. Zombies 2

The zombies are attacking the horizontal lane and Plants vs Zombies 2 players will focus on gathering the sun to plant trees, buy more unique guns from the plant, cannon fodder … with the goal of preventing Eating zombies eat the brain. Plants vs. Plants Zombies 2 brings you new exciting levels. You will have to confront the ancient Egyptian mummy, monsters from the future and many other new enemies.

Zombie Launcher 2 is an addictive funny games apps download which receives much love from players over the world. Now, you can completely play this addicting fun game on your mobile

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Funny games apps destroy the evil demon on the house

Plants vs Zombies 2’s funny app store games is a combination of towering tactics – tower defense with action-packed action scenes. Through the latest BlueStacks emulator, you can experience smooth and stable gaming, no lag due to network loss or poor signal. Use the Internet at home, you will have many hours to shoot zombies and monsters on the computer screen! Collect familiar plants and weapons such as sunflowers, bean guns and hundreds of innovative new weapons such as Lava Guava or Laser Bean.

Plant vs Zombies 2 players will battle through 11 new worlds, from ancient Egypt to the distant future and beyond. With more than 300 levels, endless zombie attacks and wildly intense mini-funny games apps android, or daily Pinata Party events, there’s always a new challenge for you in the Plants vs Zombies game. Ready for the toughest defenses – Dr. Zomboss is waiting to confront you at the end of every game!

2.Super Mario 3: Mario Forever

Mario is a classic funny app games to play with friends that is associated with the childhood of many. After many years with many different versions, the funny games apps Super Mario still holds the foothold in the hearts of gamers. In Super Mario: Mario Forever you play the cute plumber with the task of rescuing the mushroom kingdom from the threat of Boulder and his gang. With the familiar 2D gameplay familiar, the gameplay from the green mushroom kingdom to the dark caves, deep sea or deep blue clouds … will bring you the moment. Relax comfortably. now with a completely new graphic design. Your main task in the game is to save Princess Peach from the evil hands of the Bowser army before she became the slave of the Koopa dragon. Defeat the evil tanks that destroyed the peaceful Toadstool kingdom, where the lovely inhabitants named Toad and Mushroom are living.

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Funny games apps overcoming obstacles to get to the finish

New versions of the game have new graphics, optimized platforms, lively music, hardcore levels that have been optimized for beginners, adding cool graphics effects and adding cool lighting. On dark levels like Mario Caves, the secret entrance. This is a reworked version of the Mario game, it can fit into those who have never played Mario before.
The biggest advantage of the funny group games apps is the variety of levels, beautiful graphics and faster moves than Super Mario Bros. The game will help you meet new opponents and “accelerate” many will help Mario beat his opponent easily.

3.Hand of Greed

Hand of Greed is an arcade style that requires predictive skills, reflexes and perfect timing to achieve high achievement. Join the game you will be in control of a large hand and catch all the worms,funny games apps bears and candy are falling on the screen. You just need a mouse, a computer that installs Hand of Greed to start gaming. Click on the screen to spread out the hand. Your goal is to catch all the worms, bears, fish, candy, in short, everything is falling down on the screen. Each subject has a number of different points, but you will not have much time to bother about that.

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Funny games apps sharp picture sound

Because you have to catch all, just omit a game object will be immediately stopped. Initially unfamiliar with the controls, the pace of the game players will feel a bit difficult, but gradually as they get used to increasingly sinking deep into the game and very difficult to get out.The more items you get, the more diamonds or doubles you get. When capturing a certain number of objects, you will see a brown cliff on the right edge of the game window, punching it to the diamond, picking up the diamond to earn 50. point. This score is great, because ordinary subjects only bring you 0.5 to 10 points.


  • Control a big hand to move flexible, timely
  • Get exactly the objects that are falling on the screen
  • Capture a lot, keep the free funny games apps long to make a lot of money
  • Unlock and buy new ornaments for new faces and hands
  • Graphics and sound fun
  • Simple play, relax
  • Playing Hand of Greed is free

4.Amazing Zoo

The gameplay style of diamond games seems to be an endless subject for game developers. Numerous games have been created based on the classic game. Plus some modifications in the way objects, graphics and achievements have been achieved. Playing Amazing Zoo gives you the feel of playing Farm Heroes Saga, as you need to free some of the funny games apps required animals by eating them on limited moves.

Gem Swap 2 is an addictive game which receives much love from players over the world. Now, you can completely play this addicting fun game on your mobile

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Funny games apps find the way to have the three most similar

Your task is to use the mouse to connect at least 3 similar animals in horizontal or vertical order to eat them. Below the game window you will see the animals and the corresponding number of rescue. Focus on eating those before your turn is over. The more animals you eat the higher the number of stars you get and vice versa. If you have not completed the quest, you will have to play it again.
There are animals in the bubble, eat them so you can funny games apps add them once you eat the animals around. This will help you increase the number of animals eaten without losing a move.

Top funny games apps download android to play
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