Best of funny games download android to play

Best of funny games download android to play
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Funny games download this is an Android-based game where you demonstrate intelligence and use your entire intellectual development knowledge to make the most of your abilities.

Best of funny games download android to play

1. Cover Orange: Journey

The first version of Cover Orange, FDG Entertainment continues to release Cover Orange: Journey. Like the previous version, the player’s task is to find a way to shield the orange from water when the acid rain comes. However, the game Cover Orange: Journey is added more unique features. The orange must travel a long way before finding a safe haven. Join the funny games download for pc Orange Cover: Journey, you have to overcome the 200 levels of difficulty with increasing difficulty brings a dramatic playground but equally interesting and interesting. The levels are randomly arranged and funny games download challenge players to solve a completely different situation. At each level, you are given a certain amount of items displayed on the left corner of the screen. Take advantage of them to shield or create paths for the oranges to safety.

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Funny games download find out how to shoot down enemies

Are you a good physicist? Use the knowledge of balance, dropping point or weight to drop items that include trunks, trunks, and wheels. Have you seen the ripe orange berries, yellow nursing are anxious, holding breath waiting for the rain to go through so lovely? So, do not let them get hurt. When you step into the higher levels, you can also get extra wheels and bombs. Tap and roll the wheel to detonate the bombs to remove obstacles or use its weight to knock down the wood, bringing the lovely, ripe orange to the roof to avoid the rain.

2.Big Hunter

Big Hunter was built with a very interesting plot: A long time ago, a black tribe lived in remote areas. Many people die of hunger because of extreme weather drought year round. Seeing that funny games download pc, the chief does not look at the members of his tribe in turn died. Every day, he was forced to take weapons to hunt wild animals for food. And in this story, you will play the brave hero. In the primitive era there were certainly no guns. The weapons you use will be extremely rudimentary such as spears, axes, sickles, rocks, and boomerangs. You will throw your weapons into the air and let them fall on the beast, not throw it straight.

If you are bored and want to find something to get relaxed, then Catch the Candy Halloween game will be a perfect recommendation for you in

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Funny games download hit the target to haj down

Just like Angry Birds Angry Birds, Big Hunter players have to match the accuracy of the throws and not the least amount of weaponry, since each level of the funny games no download has only one weapon. regulations. The higher the level of battle, the more difficult the fight is because some limits to the player’s ability to shrink, such as the time to kill a short beast.


  • Easy control with addictive combat touch.
  • Hunting funny games download for android based on physical rules.
  • Simple but prominent graphics.
  • Rhythmic sound of fun with original tone, ancient.
  • Challenge the player to level 100.
  • Show off your hunting skills and show your results via SMS, Facebook, Twitter and more.
  • Big Hunter supports high resolution for a premium gaming experience on both Android phones and tablets.


Unlike other shooting free online funny games no download, BBTAN balls are capable of bouncing and colliding with many different bricks. Each brick is triangular or square and has a number in the middle that indicates the number of hits enough to break the brick. The darker the bricks are, the greater the number of hits and you have to hit them many times before they can break. Every time a ball is thrown, the number of rows increases by one row. Only a block of brick reaches the bottom of the game, and the funny games download movie ends. More specifically, pay attention to circles with plus signs or arrows between the bricks. The plus sign will give you more balls each turn. Remember, the throwing angle is the key to how long you can survive in this game. As long as the number of bricks increase and fit together to make the ball no longer empty slot to bounce through. Along with that, bricks are harder to break as well.

Welcome all of you to a lovely game which gets much love from players – game Apple Worm

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Funny games download thinking to shoot the most fruit

  • Unlock 35 ball types, including unique balls, simple mini or mini ball … through the ball selector or buy in coin.
  • Players can earn coins through in-game ads.
  • Challenge friends with GooglePlay support.
  • Simple and fun game, challenge through 100 stages in the game.
  • Visit facebook page and get the ball hidden from 111%.
  • Use physical funny games download mechanics.
  • Colorful user interface, fun sound effects and unique characters.
  • Share screenshots of your gaming results via social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram to show off to friends.

4.Don’t break the eggs

After the success of Cut the Rope, many physics-based games have been developed, some of which include Magic Secret Agent, Puzzle Light, Alien and Sheep or Cut the Ice. Each funny games download for mobile improves ideas and graphics, trying to bring players a new, more exciting experience. Do not break the eggs! is a fairly new name in this genre, with the idea of putting the eggs being misplaced back into the nest to be hatched.

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Funny games download arrange your eggs so beautifully

Main features of the game:

  • 40 challenging levels
  • Mechanism based on classic physics effects
  • Explode bomb blocks
  • Simple interface with lovely egg shape
  • Play free brain funny cat games free download

Eggs are usually placed at positions far from the nest, even hanging upside down on the ceiling, you will have to destroy the blocks, cut the rope to eggs roll to the nest. If it falls to the ground it will break and the funny games download will end. Use the power-up, select the time to destroy the wood block so that the eggs can return to healthy nest.

Best of funny games download android to play
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