Best funny games app store with friends to play

Best funny games app store with friends to play
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Funny games app  is an adventure game that helps the spirit of comfort after work and study fatigue helps us brainstorm more than help us feel good as at work.

Best funny games app store with friends to play

1.Fun Hospital

Build and manage fun hospitals with new simulation games on Steam – Fun Hospital. Here, you will meet bizarre patients – they have a lot of hair or baldness, are mysterious aliens, bad guys, superheroes and more! Use clever tactics to build your own hospital. Over time, you will grow and expand to own the “super” hospital in the world! The hospital has many rooms with different functions. As the director of the funny games app store hospital, you have full control over which, where and when to build each department to cure the patient. Build, arrange and upgrade departments, prevent diseases to attract patients and make profits to hospitals.

funny games app

Funny games app relax after the end of the day

Each patient has a unique appearance, changes before and after treatment. More importantly, prevention, facilities and physician teams will have a direct impact on patient behavior. In other words, your decision and your strategic thinking will greatly affect the outcome. Upgrade technology to unlock new diseases. You can save patients from high fever, baldness, OCD, pregnancy, zombie infection, bloodied, pig, muscle aches, funny games on app store addiction … Many bizarre illnesses will appear in Fun Hospital. Compete or join a gaming group. Assist teammates, complete joint missions to advance in the weekly Medical Tournament tournament. The top hospital union team will win the prestigious trophy and the prestigious gold cup. Not only is the fun simulation funny games app. Fun Hospital also blows a new breeze into the familiar management building game. Hospital themes can make you nervous, but with Fun Hospital PC, you’ll be hosting the bizarre and humorous medical treatment ever!

2.Rope Racers

Winning in high-speed races in Rope Racers for iOS will get you valuable rewards. Along with the task of wading through obstacles on many complex terrains and competing with nine other players, players also need to pay attention to recruiting new characters, racing in different environments to prove The world’s No. 1 swing!

It must be said that Rope Racers for iOS is a fun action funny games on the app store and does not make sense to boring players. That’s why Rope Racers are highly rated and consistently reached the top 100 hot games of app stores. Players will have to use a funny games app lot of skills in the same race – climbing, wallowing, sprinting, leveraging to get more distance and most importantly, using ropes at The right time to get to the first destination. Join the cute swingers to discover the big cities of the world in this new race! Competing in the action game Rope Racers is pushed to the climax thanks to the multiplayer mode (Multiplayer). Each time you select a racing mode, you only have to wait a few seconds for Rope Racers for iOS to pair with the other 9 competitors.

funny games app

Funny games app vivid live sound graphics


  • Simple but addictive rope play.
  • Fast, intuitive touch-type controls.
  • Beautiful graphics with many impressive locations such as Paris, Las Vegas …
  • Collect more than 30 characters with a super cool look.
  • Compete against 9 real players in each round.
  • Collect gold, experience points, and cash after each race.
  • Challenge friends in major tournaments.

The path will bring you 3 things: experience points (used to level up), gold and cash (used to upgrade character skills or buy new characters). Do not forget to spin the funny games app luck in Rope Racers with extremely rare characters.

3.Pixel Traffic: Highway Racing

From a top-down perspective, Pixel Traffic: Highway Racing takes you to the large 6-lane highway. The mission of the player is simple: just drive on the highway, switch lanes to avoid the traffic and collect gold to increase the achievement. Another interesting point is that Pixel Traffic: Highway Racing owns classic pixel graphics, which makes you think of car racing funny app games to play with friends in the early 90’s.
In order to become a top racer in Pixel Traffic: Highway Racing, players need to maximize their speed and score as many points as they can on the road they pass.

Do you love freeroll racing and freeroll racing? Then there is no reason not to download Pixel Traffic: Highway Racing and experience it now! This is a very simple racing funny games apple, not as turbulent as Asphalt 8: Airborne or TrackMania² Stadium. This game gives you more than you think: entertainment, much fun, a chance to kill free time and release stress

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funny games app

Funny games app show the professional racer


  • A fun car racing funny appropriate games for the computer.
  • Multi-platform support.
  • Integrate Leaderboard so that players compete for merit.
  • The simple type of control.
 Pixel Traffic: Highway Racing is a simple yet exciting racing game. After a day of hard work or study, you can enjoy hours of fun with this fun game. Not only that, but the funny games app also helps you improve your reflexes, which is great for both adults and children. Funny games apk Pixel Traffic: Highway Racing owns a huge garage and players can buy the gold they earn after each race. Gold is scattered on the highway, you just need to move lanes to collect them while still ensuring the safety of your car.

4. War Heroes: Fun Action

Fight against other players from around the world in this free action multiplayer action funny games apple shooter War Heroes Fun Action. Explore, collect and upgrade more than 30 military cards with various weapons, from destructive fighter jets to mine that explodes your enemies.
In this playground, you will be playing a warlike general. Your task is to determine the battle strategy and pick out 8 cards to use, then put on the battlefield. Whether your decision is clear or not is reflected in the outcome of the battle, win or failure. Sailor Pop is an addictive game which receives much love from players over the world


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funny games app

Funny games app destroy enemies that will help you win


  • Real-time strategy WhatsApp funny dare games: Extremely fun, lively, but not boring games like turn-based battles.
  • Over 30 different cards with scary warriors, weapons, and turrets.
  • Upgrade your army to increase combat effectiveness.
  • Fight your opponent and climb to the top in the rankings.
  • Choose the best general to lead your army and win the war in this battle.
  • The best troops are soldiers, snipers, tanks.
  • Online PvP combat between people.
  • Play in more than 5 fun arcades: Each arena will have a unique layout.

The fun funny games app application is a free gaming application for gamers who simply download and enjoy the rich, vibrant sound that comes with the game, which brings different emotions through screens. play. Bring inspiration to you so much.


Best funny games app store with friends to play
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