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Pipe mania
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Pipe game is an interesting and interesting game for you!

Pipe game is where you play the role of a Plumber. A huge amount of water is expected to come your way and you have to quickly put the pipes to make the water flow to the drain. Have a countdown timer to keep you on your feet. The less pipes you use, the higher your score. As the levels progress, newer pieces of pipe are introduced to make the game more challenging. Pipe game is a real brain teaser game and additive. The aim of the game is to use the various pipe fittings available to build a pipe from the water source to the shower in the shortest possible time ….. Pipe game has been described as “One Real skill game that will make you restless for a while “. Control: Use the mouse to curve the arrow to rotate the piece and left click on the gap to place the specific piece.
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pipe game

Pipe connect game

How to play Pipe game:

  • To complicate things, you must fill all the boxes of your grid with pipes, no two different colors or overlap!
  • Depending on you to have intuition in this square game to find the best way, the game will allow you to connect all the points and fill the grid!
  • Think carefully and spend your time: the shortest path from point to point is not necessarily the point that will help you earn the most points!
  • Pipe game is an original patience game in which you can choose your grid size to challenge more!


pipe dreams game

Pipe dreams game

Game features Pipe the game:

  • Nice interface, vivid graphics, rich image colors.
  • Healthy game for all ages.
  • Sound lively, suitable for the game.
  • Is the game for free
  • Suitable for playing during relaxing breaks
  • Play on different mobile devices.
pipe game free

Pipe game free

Pipe game are entertaining games loved by many players in the world. With a nice interface, you will love it.

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Pipe mania
5 (100%) 1 vote

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