Epic Ice Cream

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Epic Ice Cream
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Ice cool game owns a mobile cream, manually create colorful acacia trees and attractive to serve diners – that is your task in the simulation game My Ice Cream Truck for iOS. Free games allowed on 123funnygames.com

Welcome to the most engaging game today with the game Ice cool game.

My Ice Cream Truck simulator for iOS is developed in two main types of cooking games and game management shop building. The job of your epic ice cream car owner to sell ice cream is quite simple, that is to make and sell ice cream to customers when they have a need. The player will drive the truck carrying ice cream to many different streets. First, with a small amount of capital, you only own rudimentary utensils and ice cream games quite a few ingredients. But love with colorful creams and lovely kids is what motivates you to grow your ice cream business! As you progress, you will unlock more new ingredients, ice cream recipes from many countries around the Ice cool game world … all contribute to satisfying customers, including the hardest!

Our childhood was marked by the cars selling ice cream in front of the school gate. However, owning a large ice cream truck, eye-catching banners and ice cream games for girls modern ice cream technology are only available in My Ice Cream Truck. You will start your ice cream business with a variety of different types like ice cream, cinnamon cream, cream box … Each cream has a different taste and many topping decorations are very eye-catching. This is not just a favorite dessert and also a kind of snack every child is “addicted”. Therefore, each ice cream must focus on two factors – delicious and eye-catching to attract many new customers to your ice cream brand!

Highlights in the game Ice cool game:

  • Add all kinds of familiar topping such as fresh cream, chocolate bean, small grated nuts, colorful cinnamon snails …
  • Unlock more ingredients, ice cream, and new recipes.
  • Equip a mobile shaker with ice cream games online flavors a blender to make milkshakes.
  • Please dine for them to come back to your ice cream shop
  • Animations and sound effects are cute, fun.
  • Characters and animals.
  • Learn more ice cream games for kids about ice cream and vitamins.
  • User-friendly interface.

How to play Ice cool game:

  • You move the ice cream under the mouse cursor
  • From left to right
  • You must fast hand, fast eye
  • You will support free ice cream game different color blocks
  • Why not fall off the ice cream
  • The higher your score, the higher your score will be

Here are some photos of a game Ice cool game:

Epic Ice Cream

Epic Ice Cream

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Epic Ice Cream

 Ice cool game brings you the great feeling you want. With the cream, I created to achieve the highest level in the game.

Epic Ice Cream
5 (100%) 2 votes

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