Angry Flappy Wings

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Angry Flappy Wings
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Angry game is a familiar name in the mobile gaming world. Now you can experience this fun game completely free right on your PC with the version on your browser!

Welcome to the most engaging game today with the game Angry Flappy Wings of

Designed for entertainment only on mobile phones, it seems like an angry game that is so crappy but is creating a real rush around the globe. Does not require players to think. Accordingly, the player just touches the screen as the bird will fly, but if not touched and constantly touching the screen is the bird will fall down. In addition, touching the screen is intended to control the bird’s flight direction. Simply put, the game is very challenging because if you do angry game download not pay attention, the player will make the bird “dead”, if careless.

According to experts, this is a ridiculous free game, but this silly, naive has attracted a lot of players, helping it flappy wings rise fast, pushing other popular applications such as Snapchat, Facebook Messenger, Clash of Clans, Youtube … to sink to the top of the AppStore and Google Play app rankings. This also means that flappy game is now more popular than the popular.


  • There is a simple gameplay
  • Flappy Bird is one of the simplest games to play, by pressing the space bar to adjust that you can play Flappy.
  • Bird on the computer successfully.
    Optimal graphics
  • While the majority of other games follow the trend game free angry birds of increasing graphics, has very simple graphics, which makes the best graphical optimizer.
  • Simple, distinctive sound.

How to play Angry game:

  • Press the play button to start the game.
  • Choose one or two players.
  • Then you choose the color of your favorite birds.
  • You can use the Z key or the cursor to play
  • Let the bird not hit the pole and cross the columns.

Here are some photos of a game Angry game:

Angry Flappy Wings

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Angry Flappy Wings

Here are some pictures in the Angry game are very happy with you to experience. Have fun playing the game!

Angry Flappy Wings
5 (100%) 3 votes

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