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Burnin Rubber
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Burnin rubber inherits the essence of the Twisted Metal game, giving the player the chase screen, bombarded with the same effect as the smoke of the 123funnygames.com fire movie is watching the action.

Welcome to the most engaging game today with the game Burnin rubber

Coming to a game, you are free to Burnin rubber 3 choose the car tunnel, suitable for each terrain as well as personal preferences. Only with the light touch, you can adjust direction, accelerate, use special weapons during the game. The burnin rubber the game supports both Android and iOS. Developed on the basis of Unity 3D graphics, making every scene in the game from the house structure, designing vehicles to every roadmap is as lively as real life. In particular, the explosive effect of firearms, rockets make the player feel like watching a movie fiction.

Participating in Overload, players will feel the battle is extremely dramatic, the lively burnin rubber 4 choice for his supercar to compete to match the race, his hobby. Interestingly, Overload also provides equipment systems such as role-playing games, allowing gamers to improve, customize their cars more and more.

Highlights in the game Burnin rubber:

  • Big collection of cars, with over 10 categories divided into 3 groups. Each type possesses a distinct skill, giving players the option to match their track.
  • The rankings are updated hourly, with loads of exciting rewards.
  • Add more skin to turn your car into a unique.
  • Upgrade, customize the car according to burnin rubber 5 to your preferences.
  • Unique, unique chip system.
  • Image change when you add a chip: Depends on the type of chip you add.
  • Fix weekly game Burnin rubber ranking deletion error.
  • Fixed bug that caused arrows not to change color.
  • Fixed some minor bugs.

How to play Burnin rubber:

  • Extremely extreme graphics.
  • With the most honest view.
  • Take you to the world of classic games.
  • You destroy the Burnin rubber toy company enemies moving forward.
  • To dodge objects that you have not shot yet, move the arrows left or right.
  • Let’s get to the finish soon.

Here are some photos of a Burnin rubber:

Burnin rubber

Burnin rubber

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Burnin rubber

Get ready to become the Burnin rubber most powerful warrior in this ultimate shooter game, to compete with other players around the world!

Burnin Rubber
5 (100%) 1 vote

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